Hi, and thanks for checking in to see what's happening.  It's a very busy fall season as I am currently rehearsing for two different shows.  First up is my annual appearance with St. James Playhouse in Sauk Village, IL.  That's always a fun time.  Some of you may remember last year when I got to do my best Tim Conway impersonation with a little Jackie Gleason and a dash of Elvis mixed in.  We will be having fun again this year as I play a good ol' southern boy in Glad Yer Hear, When Ya Leav'en, opening November 2nd.  Tickets are once again only $25.00 for dinner & show.

Right after that I will be appearing with one of the oldest theater groups in the country, Chicago Heights Drama Group, in 12 Angry Menopening November 30th at their Studio Theater in Chicago Heights, IL.  I look forward to making my debut with this great company and I hope to see as many of you as can make it to either of these upcoming shows.

In other happenings, I voice the role of (fictional) former Chicago Bear Sheldon Shortz in my son Justin's animated web series, Gym Shortz, which was awarded Best Animated Webseries of 2010 by the podcast Indie Intertube in Canada and was an official selection in the Independent TV Festival in Los Angeles.  Next, I'll be playing King Hangrenade in an upcoming episode of his acclaimed web series, Big Bother.

On the film front, the following is an update on some of the projects that I have recently worked on:

Marlin is a graduate thesis film from Columbia University.  It's a dark fairytale in which I play the title character, a 150-year-old man who has forgotten what it was like to be young.  This was quite a challenge, if you can imagine 3 &1/2 hours in make-up each day on the set.

Woman's Prison continues to make the film festival circuit and has garnered awards at every stop.  It's a dramatic feature that follows a young woman's struggles through life as she tries to overcome the many obstacles placed in her way.  I play an evangelist preacher in this one.

Dog Jack has had special screenings throughout the Midwest and I understand is available on DVD. It's a Civil War film about a runaway slave and his dog in which I have a small part as a train conductor.  It's based on a true story and is narrated by Lou Gossett, Jr.

Fancypants is a compelling story about an over the hill wrestler who befriends a young boy and the lengths to which their bond will take them.  I play a doctor who does his best to look after our fallen hero.  If you click on the link, I'm sure you will recognize some of the names in this one.  It has appeared in several film festivals and won Best Picture at St. Petersburg before its gala premier here in Chicago last year.  It is currently being screened in select theaters and is available On Demand.

Additional information and previews of these films can be found by clicking on the appropriate links.  Thanks again for checking in and check back again for updates on these and other projects that yours truly might be involved in.

~ Jim Marchert